About Numbercom

Your Number is an important contact point and part of your identity. Your mobile Number is perhaps THE contact point you rely mostly on.

Numbercom virtualizes your mobile phone number online.

Numbercom is an Over-The-Top (OTT) platform of free internet delivered (Tier 0) telecom services closely tied to your mobile phone number. It takes telecom to the internet, keeping the mobile phone numbers to connect users online; mobile number to mobile number.

Numbercom looks and feels like a traditional, legacy, old school "real" mobile telecom provider, but it is virtualized, web-enabled and free. It has free voice, video, chat; free telecommunication.

Numbercom operates based on Freemium model. Contact us for more information.

Numbercom. Get more from your number.

About our App

Our Web App provides easy way for sending messages including SMS. You can message anyone, share files, you just need to have receivers phone number. Our app also provides a way for you to use your mobile phone number identity even if you lose your phone.

It costs nothing for you to use*.

* Data charges may apply.


Our mission is to lift mobile communication off from closed proprietary mobile networks, over to internet based telecom communication, while keeping the mobile numbers as the identity layer.

The aim is to make mobile phone numbers stay relevant by offering services built on top of them.

Near future

Currently we are working on providing voice and video communication for our users. We are also working on integrating bitcoin transactions into our app.